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Our readers are very excited about the website and the content that we have gathered. They are always pleasantly suprised to learn that we do not collect any information from them. At a very stressful time in their lives we are a "no pressure" resource for information that can help them care for their family members no matter what stage of the process they are facing. This approach makes one of the foremost sites for helping families. We cannot do this without your sponsorship.

Our motto is "helping you help them". We exist to help families help their elderly loved ones and to help you, the senior care provider, to help those families. Our website offers you a valuable opportunity to place your name and services before the people who need them the most. Whether you sponsor an ad in a section of our site specific to your services or you place your ad through out the whole site, you can be sure that your target audience will see what you offer. Our monthly analytics can help you track the success of your message. Let us help you help them in helping their family.

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Senior care is a challenging and constantly changing topic. In order to stay relevant to your needs, ATAP welcomes your comments and suggestions. Please email us at:

All Things Aging Parents helps families during the overwhelming times of changing family dynamics and responsibilities. We don't want to add stress to this process so we offer our information free of commitment. Our sponsors make this possible. Please click here for more information about becoming a sponsor.

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